Giving Back

Gettin' Salty & Co. is committed to giving back to the firefighter and military veteran communities.  We  vow to contribute a portion of all sales to these non-profit charities and foundations. Below are a few of the causes we are proud to support.

NY FF Burn Center
The NY FF Burn Center has been helping New York's Bravest since 1975. The goal of The New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation is to make quality burn care available to all who are seriously burned regardless of age, race, creed or economic status. The Foundation is endorsed by the Fire Department of New York City. You can also send personal donations directly to:

The New York Firefighters
Burn Center Foundation
21 Asch Loop
Bronx, New York 10475

New York City Fire Riders Motorcycle Club
The New York City Fire Riders Motorcycle Club are a non-profit organization who raise money and support organizations within the FDNY,  U.S. MILITARY, and many other charities.

Axemen MotorCycle Club NY-3

Our sole charitable focus is towards the children of F.D.N.Y. & Axemen firefighters who's children have special needs. We established this club to help our own because when all else fails, we know that our brothers will be there for us.

Honor Legion of the FDNY
The Honor Legion of the FDNY had a more humble beginning, it began as an idea in the quarters of Engine 96 and Ladder 54 in the Bronx. Fr. Joseph Rodriguez of Ladder 54 was the founding president of the Honor Legion. He established the Honor Legion as an official fraternal organization of the FDNY in 1983. The purpose of the Honor Legion is to advance and promote the best interests of the FDNY, encourage and provide social gatherings, foster a fraternal spirit, unite in a common bond of brotherhood. Our organization provides encouragement and assistance for all distressed worthy Firefighters deemed eligible to recieve benefits from the organization. Our main purpose is our devotion and dedication to the "Bravest of the Bravest", the families of members who have made the Supreme Sacrifice protecting lives and property of the citizens of the City of New York.